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Travel Ideas Magazine: Ski Nozawa Onsen

17 Feb

coverimageEven though I’m not the most stylish or fast skier going around, I just love skiing. So when the opportunity came up to write about our trip to Nozawa Onsen for Flight Centre’s award-winning, Travel Ideas mag, I jumped at it. You can read my take on skiing in Japan here.


Jetstar Asia: Skiing Niseko vs Nozawa

3 Dec

Cross country skiing Steph and SaoriAs you’ve probably guessed I love skiing, and I’ve had a great time skiing in Japan over the years. This piece, for Jetstar Asia is comparing the big boy of Niseko with the traditional little resort of Nozawa Onsen. Both are great, but for very different reasons. Check out my story Two Sides, Two Rides to find out why.

Backpacker Essentials Cover Story: Thredbo on a Budget

5 Jun

Cover YHA Backpacker Essentials
I love skiing in Thredbo. It’s an easy drive from Sydney and I’ve always had a great time there. Yes, there are arguments for saving your dollars for overseas, but there’s something special about skiing through gumtrees and returning to your lodge for a hearty Australian red wine by the fire. I wrote about my tips for skiing Thredbo on a budget for YHA’s magazine, Backpacker Essentials, which is out now. But you can read it here.

From where I’d rather be: Les Chalet des Fermes de Marie

25 Jun

Les Chalet des Fermes de Marie

It’s cold where I am right now so it might seem crazy wanting to be somewhere even colder, but Les Chalet des Fermes de Marie in Megève, France, knows how to do cold. Imagine sitting by this fire all day, reading, sipping, napping, only to be broken by a few little ski runs to get the blood pumping. Now that’s my perfect winter day.

Ebisu-tei, Niseko, Japan

29 May

Ebisu exteriorIn Niseko, one of Japan’s best ski resorts, the dining options are endless. I think in my week long stay there I managed to only put a small dent in my list of potential restaurants. Izakaya style dining was popular and I loved it. Beers hover around the 500 yen mark (about $5 if I’m being generous) and the menu of small dishes is designed to accompany them. Ebisu-tei is in the lower Hirafu area of the village and seats around 20.

Ebisu sashimi

The menu has a range of sashimi by the fish, I chose the salmon and tuna at about  480 yen each.

Ebisu friedTempura vegetables, served with wasabi salt, is crunchy, light and moorish. This version was one of the best I had in Japan, particularly the sweet potato slice at 380 yen.

Ebisu teriyakiTeriyaki chicken with shaved daikon radish was juicy and tender.

Ebisu noodlesThis dish was odd and delicious. A combination of thick udon noodles, bacon, cabbage, spring onions and fish flakes, it was like a Japanese version of carbonara.

Ebisu fridge doorAfter dinner, on the way home I popped into the Fridge Bar, also known as Gyu Bar, a folksy, wooden, cosy cocktail bar, nicknamed after it’s tiny little fridge door.

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