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Travel Ideas Magazine: Ski Nozawa Onsen

17 Feb

coverimageEven though I’m not the most stylish or fast skier going around, I just love skiing. So when the opportunity came up to write about our trip to Nozawa Onsen for Flight Centre’s award-winning, Travel Ideas mag, I jumped at it. You can read my take on skiing in Japan here.


Backpacker Essentials Cover Story: Thredbo on a Budget

5 Jun

Cover YHA Backpacker Essentials
I love skiing in Thredbo. It’s an easy drive from Sydney and I’ve always had a great time there. Yes, there are arguments for saving your dollars for overseas, but there’s something special about skiing through gumtrees and returning to your lodge for a hearty Australian red wine by the fire. I wrote about my tips for skiing Thredbo on a budget for YHA’s magazine, Backpacker Essentials, which is out now. But you can read it here.

Women’s Health: Crossing The State Line

18 Apr

wom helI love Women’s Health magazine. Every month there’s something to learn and I love that. It’s not all about fashion or boys or gossip. And this month, there’s also an article from me about moving interstate and being the new girl in town. A little while back I moved from Melbourne to Sydney for luuurve and the story is about the challenges of it all.

Take a read of Crossing The State Line and let me know what you think. Have you moved for love?


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