My naked pants!

5 Jan

lululemon tightsI’m not scared of a bit of aaahctivewear and have found Lululemon gear suits me best. Recently when I travelled over to Lord Howe Island for a few travel assignments I had the opportunity to road test some new ‘naked sensation’ pants from Lulu.

All my other tights are shiny lycra, but these were a matt, cotton finish. Their naked name comes from the feeling – they do feel like you’ve got nothing on, so for the exhibitionist in you, they’re perfect, but if you have those kind of nightmares where you forget to put your pants on they might not be a great idea. Kidding. They’re great.

The style I have is Align, and they retail for $119AUD. Certainly not cheap but with all my Lulu gear, they’ve lasted so much longer than any other brands I’m happy to fork out the extra. They’re comfy on the plane (especially with a toddler crawling all over) and I really enjoyed using them on our hikes on the island. Check them out.

Lululemon Naked Sensation Pants

Thanks to Lululemon Australia  for the pants.


One Response to “My naked pants!”

  1. Jennifer Williams January 5, 2016 at 2:14 pm #

    Very sexy mumma!!

    Sent from my iPad


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