Ebisu-tei, Niseko, Japan

29 May

Ebisu exteriorIn Niseko, one of Japan’s best ski resorts, the dining options are endless. I think in my week long stay there I managed to only put a small dent in my list of potential restaurants. Izakaya style dining was popular and I loved it. Beers hover around the 500 yen mark (about $5 if I’m being generous) and the menu of small dishes is designed to accompany them. Ebisu-tei is in the lower Hirafu area of the village and seats around 20.

Ebisu sashimi

The menu has a range of sashimi by the fish, I chose the salmon and tuna at about  480 yen each.

Ebisu friedTempura vegetables, served with wasabi salt, is crunchy, light and moorish. This version was one of the best I had in Japan, particularly the sweet potato slice at 380 yen.

Ebisu teriyakiTeriyaki chicken with shaved daikon radish was juicy and tender.

Ebisu noodlesThis dish was odd and delicious. A combination of thick udon noodles, bacon, cabbage, spring onions and fish flakes, it was like a Japanese version of carbonara.

Ebisu fridge doorAfter dinner, on the way home I popped into the Fridge Bar, also known as Gyu Bar, a folksy, wooden, cosy cocktail bar, nicknamed after it’s tiny little fridge door.


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