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The Weekly Review: Marcus Rose from Charles Rose Jewellers

17 Jun

ringLast week I interviewed Melbourne jeweller and artist Marcus Rose for a piece in The Weekly Review about his company, Charles Rose. Their jewellery is beautiful and the story of how it all began is a great one of triumph during tough times in Europe. You can also win a diamond ring…yes please!!


Lucy Folk in The Weekly Review

30 Aug


In this week’s issue of The Weekly Review is a lovely little interview I did with Melbourne jeweller Lucy Folk. Her work is quirky and draws on a very intense love of food! You can also visit Lucy’s shop in Crossley St Melbourne or online here.

My cover with Helena Christensen

29 Aug


As a forty something woman, Helena Christensen looks almost the same as she did in her 90’s supermodelling hey day. This week I interviewed Danish Jeweller Charlotte Lynggaard from jewellery house, Ole Lynggaard about her new brand ambassador Helena Christensen.

Charlotte Lynggaard is a style icon in her own right and has designed many pieces for Crown Princess Mary if that gives you an indication of her talent. It was an enjoyable piece about her Danish influences and working with Helena. Read more here.

Artist Katherine Bowman in The Weekly Review

9 Aug

My favourite contemporary jeweller Katherine Bowman is featured in this week’s Weekly Review. I have interviewed her a couple of times now and each time I feel I understand her beautiful work that little bit more. This time I gained an insight into her “perfection of the wonky” as she puts it so gorgeously.

The Weekly Review Spread

Read the piece online here. I highly recommend buying yourself a piece or two as she is majorly collectible. I have a divine pair of earrings that I am constantly receiving comments about. Love, love, love them!

My beautiful Katherine Bowman earrings

View more of Katherine’s range on her website www.katherinebowman.com.au or see the inner workings of her studio and mind at www.katherinebowman.blogspot.com.

It’s me on the cover…

9 May

Caitlin Stasey for Jan Logan

Well not actually me, but my story…

This week I am pretty chuffed to have scored the cover page of The Weekly Review with my piece about jeweller Jan Logan. Her work is modern and stylish, classic with a bit of edge. I think I got lucky when the promo shots were of stunning Australian actress and face of Jan Logan, Caitlin Stasey, who wouldn’t want to have her on the cover! Take a look over here.

The Weekly Review Engagement ring special

7 Feb

Even though I think Valentines is all a little bit silly, some people don’t. It was my duty to all the lovestruck believers out there to put together a beautiful little selection of engagement rings for my column in The Weekly Review…just in case. If I can help just one clueless man present just one amazing ring, then I have done my duty as a jewellery writer!

Check it out here. Rings below by Katherine Bowman, Jan Logan and Emma Goodsir.

Katherine Bowman pledge ringEmma Goodsir ring stack

Take a little trip with me…

6 Oct

I must admit, I have let my writing suffer a little in the pursuit (and worry) of nasty things like money. Although a day job is a necessity right now, I have also let my writing jobs fall slightly by the wayside. It made me wonder why. I think I was beginning to lose heart in my decision to do more freelance writing and less paid work. But then a wonderful thing happened. I received a copy of the latest Voi Tutti and saw two pieces I wrote AND my new page in The Weekly Review last week and people noticed it. I know that’s incredibly vain, but hey, it’s validation you are on the right track.

I decided to take a little thinking time out and took a trip to Lorne. Standing at the base of Erskine Falls having my photo taken by J, I realised this is what I want, and need, to do. Travel, experience, take photos, report back, learn about cultures, places and people. So stay tuned for an invigorated Airloom. I’m back on board!

Standing at the base of Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls after a little rain

The famous Bell's Beach

Yellow cliffs at Bell's Beach

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