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Escape Travel: Alone with King Tut in Egypt

24 Apr

Did you see this picture in the Sunday Telegraph Escape Travel section, or perhaps any other News Limited Sunday paper? I sure did, but I was probably looking for it. It was my piece about Egypt – travelling from Cairo to Luxor and enjoying a country devoid of tourists. It was part of my journey from Morocco, to Egypt, through Jordan and home via London. There are so many more stories to come from this trip, so stay tuned.

Read the full article online here.


Cutest little cowboy this side of Wagga Wagga

3 Apr

I recently went to Wagga Wagga to take some behind-the-scenes shots at their annual rodeo and it was such a great day.

The bull-riding subculture has always fascinated me since I met a professional cowboy many years ago in a country pub. The idea that a person is willing to jump on the back of a crazy, jumping bull is well beyond the realm of what I think is normal. To me, bull-riding is the ultimate adventure sport, and one that I will never be partaking in, but looking forward to the next time I see it in the flesh.

The mini cowboy in the picture spent the best part of four hours walking around with his Dad, who was dressed almost identically, swinging the lasoo. So very cute!

My cover with Helena Christensen

29 Aug


As a forty something woman, Helena Christensen looks almost the same as she did in her 90’s supermodelling hey day. This week I interviewed Danish Jeweller Charlotte Lynggaard from jewellery house, Ole Lynggaard about her new brand ambassador Helena Christensen.

Charlotte Lynggaard is a style icon in her own right and has designed many pieces for Crown Princess Mary if that gives you an indication of her talent. It was an enjoyable piece about her Danish influences and working with Helena. Read more here.

Artist Katherine Bowman in The Weekly Review

9 Aug

My favourite contemporary jeweller Katherine Bowman is featured in this week’s Weekly Review. I have interviewed her a couple of times now and each time I feel I understand her beautiful work that little bit more. This time I gained an insight into her “perfection of the wonky” as she puts it so gorgeously.

The Weekly Review Spread

Read the piece online here. I highly recommend buying yourself a piece or two as she is majorly collectible. I have a divine pair of earrings that I am constantly receiving comments about. Love, love, love them!

My beautiful Katherine Bowman earrings

View more of Katherine’s range on her website www.katherinebowman.com.au or see the inner workings of her studio and mind at www.katherinebowman.blogspot.com.

The Weekly Review Engagement ring special

7 Feb

Even though I think Valentines is all a little bit silly, some people don’t. It was my duty to all the lovestruck believers out there to put together a beautiful little selection of engagement rings for my column in The Weekly Review…just in case. If I can help just one clueless man present just one amazing ring, then I have done my duty as a jewellery writer!

Check it out here. Rings below by Katherine Bowman, Jan Logan and Emma Goodsir.

Katherine Bowman pledge ringEmma Goodsir ring stack

My new gig…

13 Sep

Oooh wah…I have been chosen to be the official fashion blogger for the upcoming Stonnington Spring Fashion runway…I’m really excited to be able to report back on the exciting people and fashion in my neighbourhood. To keep in the loop, check it out at here.

You can also read more of the media release below to get the full story…

This year’s Stonnington Spring Fashion Runway is celebrating an exciting new addition to its fashion program, the Style Me Stonnington blog to report on the events, the people, and what’s hot, new and happening in Stonnington.

The talented Stephanie Williams has been selected as the Style Me Stonnington blogger to provide up-to-the-minute commentary on all that unfolds leading up to, during and after the Stonnington Spring Fashion Runway. Stephanie has excellent local knowledge, a comprehensive understanding of fashion and a unique sense of style, so is well placed to be the eyes and ears of Stonnington fashion. There is plenty of amazing content to cover and discover.

Stonnington Mayor, Cr Tim Smith said: “This year, the Stonnington Spring Fashion Runway is embracing the blog as a strong medium to observe and report on Stonnington’s extensive fashion offer.  In addition, the blog will provide an exciting platform for Stephanie to raise her profile and gain access to our amazing fashion talent.”

In recent times, the ‘fashion blogger’ has become the new muse, appearing front row at international runways around the globe – and in the case of BryanBoy and Tavi the Style Rookie – inspiring collections and accessories of big name designers like Rodarte and Marc Jacobs.   Stonnington recognises the opportunities of this medium to reach new audiences and to promote exciting fashion dialogue. It also presents as an amazing opportunity for Stephanie.

As the resident Stonnington Spring Fashion Runway blogger, Stonnington local, Steph Williams will take to the streets of Toorak Road, Chapel Street, High Street and Toorak Village to unearth the Precinct’s style secrets and provide a behind the scenes look at the annual Stonnington Spring Fashion Runway events including the Fashion Hall of Fame and Fashion Industry Forum.   She will have access to the likes of Wayne Cooper, Bettina Liano, T.L. Wood, Leona Edmiston and more to unearth the latest trends and tips on how to turn heads this spring season and trackside at the 2010 Spring Racing Carnival.

Stephanie has excellent fashion credentials which include working as the former operations manager for the ubër chic Commes des Garcon in London and is the brains behind Melbourne’s Interview Me blog,  featuring Q&A’s with some of Melbourne’s most creative minds and artists.

The Style Me Stonnington blog will feature:

  • Interviews with Stonnington based designers, milliners and retailers
  • Snapshots of Stonnington street style
  • Interviews with the 2010 Hall of Fame inductees
  • Comments and interviews with industry figureheads taking part in the Fashion Industry Forum
  • A behind the scenes look at the prepping of a runway show
  • Hot new season looks direct from the runway
  • Steph’s own stylings and fabulous fashion finds
  • Live Tweet coverage of the Stonnington Spring Fashion Runway program events
  • Exclusive live coverage from the VIP after party

Follow Steph’s sartorial discoveries at www.stylemestonnington.wordpress.com.au

Twitter name: @Stylemeston

The Style Me Stonnington blog will begin 13 September and run until 2 October 2010.

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