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Scoot: Craft Brewing Hotspots

14 Jan

Scoot The Pulse

It’s just a little piece, but it was no less fun to research! Check out my craft brewing hotspots snippet that appeared in the Scoot inflight magazine, The Pulse, recently.


Photo File: Raffles High Tea, Singapore

4 Oct
Raffles cutlery

I wonder how many of these are pocketed each year?

I recently played ladies at the iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore with my sister. We were in town to do some exploring and some helping [check out Films at the Fort] and were treated to an afternoon of refinement through Creative Holidays.

Having been told to don a dress and pearls, we obediently dressed up and taxied our way there. From the greeting at the door to the last morsel of food being consumed, everything was fabulous.

My favourite item was the red choux pastry piece on the top tier – it was filled with a tart mixed berry custard. And the part you don’t see here is the dim sum buffet that I also visited a few times, for research of course.

If you are in Singapore it’s a great way to spend an afternoon, but be sure to book ahead.

Raffles top tier

Top tier – berry puffs and lemon meringue tartlets

Raffles middle tier

Middle tier – orange cake, rich chocolate box and berry custard tartlets

Raffles sandwiches

Bottom tier – these sandwiches were far more tasty than they present here. Salmon, cucumber, egg and ham.

Raffles dining room

Ooh so refined…

Matching your dress and choux pastry is a skill.

Matching your dress and choux pastry is a skill.

Raffles fountain

Take a walk around the hotel and you’ll find this beautiful fountain

Raffles walkway

Long, cool marble hallways

Raffles exterior

The iconic Raffles Hotel Singapore

We enjoyed Raffles as guests of Creative Holidays. Check out Creative Holidays for more Singapore stopover ideas.

Singapore’s First Ever Green Corridor Run

27 Nov

Green Corridor RunI’ve recently been doing a bit of running. It has never felt natural to me but with a bit of perseverance I actually feel like I am getting somewhere. Feeling fit and healthy is a wonderful side effect. Now I’m starting to think about fun runs and perhaps really testing my skills. Enter the Green Corridor Run, held in Singapore’s amazing green corridor.

Singapore has a green corridor that runs the entire length from the Tanjong Pagar Rail Station to the old Bukit Timah Rail Station. My brother, Ben Williams, has been given permission to hold the inaugural Green Corridor Run on Sunday 27th January 2013.

Once the beginning of a rail network that extended all the way to Russia, I’m told the uninterrupted stretch of ecological and culturally significant land has been re-surfaced to allow the community access to a ‘Green Corridor’ through the city. The Nature Society of Singapore is the official charity partner, always nice to give back to the environment that you are in.

From the pics it looks amazing and I am pulling all stops, calling in all favours to get there in January! You can enter here and read more about the event here. And for those foodie readers, what a perfect trip – exercise during the run then visit the amazing hawker markets to ‘recover’!

If you have friends in Singapore, be sure to send them this link! It’s going to be a great event.

Green Corridor Run map

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