Gear: Osprey Cyber Port Backpack

7 Nov


Every now and then I’m asked to try out some new gear on the market. The latest bit of kit to cross my desk is the Osprey Cyber Port backpack.

It was actually really timely. I’ve been looking for a good solution for carrying a laptop, iPad and digital SLR but in one pack that is easy to get through airport security. I don’t know about you, but I hate the moment at airport security where you have to unpack your laptop, take your shoes off, strip yourself of anything metal and then pack it all up quickly at the other end as to not hold up the queue. I’ve been looking for a bag that cuts down on faffing about.

I’ve been using the Cyber Port pack now consistently for a month, both around the city and also on a recent trip to Scotland, and it’s become a regular part of my day. I love it. I really do. The compartments just work – there’s a laptop sleeve, main compartment that fits my camera (I have a 60D that I pack into this bag from Crumpler), diary, cords, and even a pair of runners, then a special plastic sleeve for an iPad. There’s also a nifty space that fits my wallet, phone and keys.


Negatives. Well there aren’t many.I must admit, I’ve struggled to fit all that in with the iPad in it’s intended sleeve because once the bag curves with the contents then the iPad doesn’t fit. I actually keep it in the laptop sleeve, which works for me. If I didn’t have the camera in, the I could use the iPad sleeve as intended – designed for you to use your iPad without removing it from your bag. It would be great if the material in the laptop sleeve was not as ‘catchy’, when I slip my iPad in there, the rubbery case of my device catches on the felt material. But it’s fine for my laptop, which is how it was intended. The bag is looking a little worn on the straps after a month, but it’s had heavy use so that is to be expected I would imagine.

All up, it’s a great bag and a fantastic tech solution to house that camera/laptop dilemma. The charcoal grey has a nice modern look about it. The Cyber Port retails at $AUD109.95 and you can purchase online here. You might also like to check out Osprey Packs blog for travel and gear inspiration.


One Response to “Gear: Osprey Cyber Port Backpack”

  1. Andi November 7, 2013 at 9:38 am #

    Looks good!

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