Quick Trip to Garagistes

3 Dec

Garagistes la luna

I was in Hobart last week for a spot of wine tasting. Coming home, my plane was delayed by a few hours so I thought why not race back into town for an early bite at Garagistes. I had heard so much about Luke Burgess’ Hobart restaurant but after a few trips down there, had still never been as the line-up can get ridiculous.

Having already tried 160 wines over three days during my trip, I was keen for anything that wasn’t wine, so I ordered a Seven Sheds ‘Paradise Pale’ ($11, 500ml) from Railton, Tasmania.

We have a little fermenter set up at home at the moment, with J exploring the fun of making your own beer, so naturally I am starting to tap into which beers I like and don’t like and why. The Seven Sheds had a beautiful, floral hoppy aroma and just a light bitterness, how I like it!

But onto the food. The menu changes almost daily, depending on the produce available. The dishes were as pretty as they were tasty. The Calamari below, served raw with a small cup of broth, was covered with edible flowers and texturally exciting. I loved the slipperiness of the raw calamari, the crunch of the crumbs and the flavoursome broth.

Garagistes calamari

The Holy Goat ‘La Luna’ cheese dish, the image up the top, was served on a savoury granola with spring onion ‘hay’. Again, it was so beautifully presented and tasted amazing – the smooth fluffiness of the goat’s cheese coupled with the crunch of the savoury granola. Divine.

My tip is to get in early to avoid the crowds, or pop next door to Sidecar for a drink or two while you are waiting for dinner. And in case you are wondering where that beautiful pottery comes from, like I was, it is by potter Ben Richardson.


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