Wednesday Link Love

14 Nov

Bon Appetit Molten dolce de leche cakes

So the series of Wednesday Link Loves about food, wine, travel and design is over now, but by all accounts you loved it, so look out, I will be doing more. Let me know what you want to see featured.

In the meantime here is a collection of my favourite and most interesting snippets from the web over the last few weeks.

Let’s kick off with a naughty one from Bon Appetit, Molten Dulce de Leche Cakes (pictured above). I’ve not tried them myself yet but I am told they are very easy and quick to make. How amazing do they look?!

I really enjoyed this article by Copy Blogger, who explored 8 Strange Rituals of Productive Writers. As a full time writer it can be difficult some days to get the motivation to write and little rituals that I set into my day certainly help. Maybe I won’t go as far as some of the writers mentioned but I definitely find a cup of tea and something sweet draws me into work.

This will make you feel better if you are having a bad day.

How much would you pay for a dozen eggs? My limit is about $6-$7. Stephanie Wood explores on Daily Life (my new favourite newsy site) how much people are now paying for certain goods and why.

Writer Fleur McDonald is helping celebrate 2012 as the Australian Year of the Farmer by covering 52 Farms in 52 Weeks on her blog.


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