Wednesday Link Love: Favourite Travel Blogs

31 Oct

Steph and a Camel

The third instalment in the weekly Wednesday Link Love Favourite Blogs series is Travel Blogs. I love reading travel blogs to get inspiration for upcoming adventures or to relive a place I have already been. The amount of travel blogs are increasing everyday but I have found this collection are the ones I keep going back to.

The photo above was taken in Petra, Jordan by James Marten-Coney of me and my new camel friend. As you can see by my glove wearing, it was freezing!

Terre DeRoche of The Fearful Adventurer has got it sussed…after an epic sea adventure back to Australia with her Argentinean lover, she kept a blog which led to her writing a book, which now is heading to the big screen. She is currently shacked up in Thailand, living the life of an intrepid traveller.

Caz and Craig run YTravel, and share their travel knowledge and practical advice from around the globe. Their podcasts are particularly good, and their kids are pretty cute too!

Brooke vs the World is a fun and honestly written blog by Brooke, an American girl who has found herself in love with an Australian in Sydney. She also runs newsletter Female Travel Underground and Her Packing List website.

Michael Hodson is a former attorney from the US. I like his blog Go See Write for both the content and the design, great layout, which for some travel blogs, can be lacking!

I know I mentioned it my food blog collection a couple of weeks back but I also enjoy Eating Asia from a travel perspective.  One part of the duo is David Hagerman and his travel pics are featured here.

Wanderlust and Lipstick is a travel blog (bordering on website) for women, with a focus on solo female travellers. There are loads of travel stories from women around the globes as well as organised trips to amazing places like Bhutan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and Burma.

Do you have a favourite travel blog? Share it below in the comments. 


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