Wednesday Link Love: Favourite Wine Blogs

24 Oct

Wine blog

Next up in the Wednesday Link Love Favourite Blogs series is Wine. Today I’m sharing a few of the wine blogs I regularly read and enjoy.

Wine Muse is the blog of Sydney wine educator and writer, Lisa Johnston. Her regular ‘Top 5’ lists are a great snapshot of what she is drinking and gives you a reason to indulge.

I always love hearing about the wines author, writer, consultant, and educator (and mate of Jamie Oliver) Matt Skinner enjoys.

This one may not be every person’s cup of tea (or Barolo), but Drinkster is at very least entertaining and full of cartoons (some of which I must admit made me slightly annoyed, but I guess I keep looking at it so what does that say about me???)

Lawyer, Sean Mitchell, like all good lawyers, loves his wine and talks about it on Grape Observer. His descriptions are low fuss and his longer articles are thoughtful.

Winsor Dobbin is a well known wine and travel writer from Tasmania and offers a weekly wine suggestion and travel tips.

I enjoy the perspective Alex McGuigan gives in her AlexMacWine blog. And she ought to know, her family are the McGuigan wine family.

Image from here. Looks bloody fun.

What are your favourite wine blogs? Share your comments below.

One Response to “Wednesday Link Love: Favourite Wine Blogs”

  1. Bea October 24, 2012 at 11:28 pm #

    Ha, I went to college with Alex McGuigan!

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