Wednesday Link Love

5 Sep


Spring is definitely warming things up around here and there is that beautiful sweet smell of flowers in the air. These freesias are filling my kitchen with their unmistakable scent.

I found this blog post particularly interesting this week. It’s a series of illustrations that were commissioned as part of the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. Artist Jean-Marc Cote and a few other notable artists of the time put on paper their idea of what France will look like in the year 2000. Whoa futuristic! I’d love to see a similar series about the year 2112.

Can someone please start something as cool as Randwiches somewhere near me? For $7 they will deliver a handcrafted random sandwich everyday, like a subscription to awesome lunches.

I get a fruit and veg box delivered every week and there are always kiwi fruit left over. So I got a bit crafty and made this Microwave Kiwi Fruit jam. Yes I know I should avoid microwave cooking, but it was just so quirky I wanted to see if it worked. And it did!! I have a whole heap of delicious jam to dollop on my favourite Iggy’s sourdough.

Speaking of Kiwis, leave it to them to design the best drink driving ad ever.


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