Wednesday Link Love

15 Aug

David Helfgott

It’s Wednesday again, so here is some link love for the week…

David Helfgott is one of Australia’s finest pianists and this week I had the pleasure of seeing him perform Rachmaninov No.3, the incredible piece made even more famous in the movie Shine, about David’s life. Take some time out to listen carefully to this beautiful piece of music.

b for bonnie is a gorgeous blog by photographer Bonnie Tsang. The blog demonstrates her great eye with a collection of beautiful things – interiors, fashion, food and things you will no doubt want to covet.

Can’t get enough of this this week and have been eating it all over town…including some here.

Would you tell your host to stick their meat in the fridge if it had been left on the bench too long? I probably would after reading about the window of time to leave meat unrefrigerated on Chow

Perhaps it’s because I am about to go on an Asian adventure, but I find myself checking back in on Eating Asia every few days. Great writing and photos from all over Asia.

Image from here.


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