Ningaloo Reef – Where Desert Meets the Sea

3 Jul

I’ve just returned from an incredible adventure, swimming with the whalesharks at Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef. I have a fascination with whales at the best of times, and now include whalesharks in that groups as well. They are the largest fish in the ocean and grow up to 16 metres long! Massive!!!

I will never forget the first view I had of the majestic beast as it came into vision. I let out a little squeal into my snorkel as I realised how large it actually was in person.

To top it off, Exmouth and Coral Bay were so laid back and lovely, where the desert meets the sea. Bliss!

You can read my article appearing in July’s Jetstar magazine here Jetstar July 2012 or on their website here.

Photos: James Marten-Coney, Sail Ningaloo and James Morgan


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