The Terrace Restaurant, Thredbo

24 Aug

This winter I have been going hard with skiing and trying (mostly in vain!) to improve. Besides skiing, it is just so beautiful to be up in the mountains, sucking in the fresh alpine air and taking in the outdoors.

This weekend I was lucky enough to check into the Denman Hotel, right in the village. After a day on the slopes we hit the Apres Bar for a happy hour drink, then headed upstairs to The Terrace Restaurant.

The food, by ex-est chef Hayden Ellerton was intersting, innovative and just downright tasty! Our little amuse bouche of a poached quail egg (how he poached something so small is beyond me!) really set the tone of what we could expect. My entree was a beetroot raviolo filled with goats cheese. I thought I had a handle on what this dish may be like but the raviolo pocket was made from thinly sliced beetroot encasing the goats cheese, which totally surprised me!

Mains were as equally divine as they were interesting. J had a piece of pork belly that had the fat so perfectly rendered I nearly stole his plate. And my venison had so many little points of discovery on the plate that each bite meant you learnt something new about what was in front of you.

Ultimate pork belly

And now we come to dessert…the sweetness of my white peach souffle (my current favourite dessert) was perfectly contrasted by the accompanying basil sorbet. J ordered the chocolate caramel dobostorta (Hungarian dessert) which acted like a little stage for the rest of the dessert – choc honeycomb, salted caramel, caramel banana pieces and cocoa icecream.

Chocolate caramel dobostorta heaven

All of this was matched with my current favourite Riesling, Mesh, from the Eden Valley. Divine.I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful restaurant.

Denman Hotel image taken from here.


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