Foodie Heaven at the Barossa Farmer’s Market

17 Aug

I love any food markets really, but I do find in the city they are always a bit overpriced. Head to the regions however and this all changes – everything is well priced and the quality makes me green with envy for the locals who get to do all their provenance there!

Don't even think about confitting these little cuties from Waechters Dux!

On a recent trip to South Australia’s Barossa Valley I was taken on a guided tour of the local Barossa Farmer’s Market and they were definitely not a disappointment! I started the trip with the local delicacy – Schultz bacon with local organic egg and homemade chutneys in a roll, accompanied by local coffee from the local roaster.

Look at all the Schultz bacon!

For those who, like me, have a creepy cooking crush on Maggie Beer, will be pleased to see her daughter Saskia Beer working the markets with her vacuum packed marinated chicken and pheasants, lacshinken (cured pork), charcuterie, relishes and salads. I tried her melt in your mouth Moroccan Spiced Chicken Confit…wow!

Saskia chopping up the Moroccan chicken I am about to devour

What's left of Saskia Beer's chicken

I love dried fruit and the little Barossa town of Angaston is known for producing some of the best. I visited the Trevallie Orchard stand and sampled their massive array of different style of dried apricots (which, incidentally I am eating as I write this post!). They are tangy and a beautiful balance of being juicy and chewy at the same time.

It was hard going trying to choose!

Because of the Barossa’s German and Italian heritage, there is a bucketload of cured meats, salami and smallgoods wherever you turn and locals are very specific (and one might even use the word ‘snobby’) about which producer they go for. I loved the mettwurst when I was there, happily trying any brand that was put in front of me. Steinys are the lucky salamists that grace the markets and theirs is flavour packed!

Yes sir, I will try one of everything...

Other stalls I enjoyed were Scullery Made Tea, Turners Pure Honey, Smallfry Wines and their verjuice, Waechters Dux and the older lady selling her cakes and jams who said she had been in the CWA for over 60 years…you do the math!

The Barossa Valley Farmer’s Market is on every Saturday from 7:30am – 11:30am at the corner of Nurioopta and Stockwell Rds, Angaston.


One Response to “Foodie Heaven at the Barossa Farmer’s Market”

  1. wayne ahrens October 20, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

    Thank you for a lovely review of our market. It is great to hear what others think about what locals often take for granted. Glad you liked our verjuice. Cheers Wayne

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