Kylie Kwong’s Sensational Egg Pancake

27 Jul

I love a trip to the Eveleigh Farmers’ Markets. While it’s not the sort of market where you get things cheaper than the supermarket, but it’s the kind where you might be wandering along and see a wonderful chunk of organic pumpkin, pay through the nose for it, but make an outstanding batch of soup.

Or like most weekends, pick up one of Kylie Kwong’s specialties – dumplings or egg pancake. They are without a doubt my favourite part of visiting the market. With the light roti-like casing, she fills it with organic carrots, bean shoots, fresh mint and egg and douses it with sweet and savoury soy sauce. The dumplings are to die for too, but they are simply an entree to my pancakes!

While I am not great with actual stall names, I can also vouch for the mushroom man, the bread stall half way along on your left, Mirrool Creek Lamb, the cupcake guy, Bird Cow Fish, the flower people at the entrance and I love seeing OzHarvest there too.

Coincidentally, the Eveleigh Farmers’ Market won the award for Outstanding Farmers’ Market at the delicious. 2011 Produce Awards this week.

Visit the Eveleigh Farmers’ Market at 243 Wilson Street, Darlington, NSW.


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