The most ridiculous pizza ever

18 Apr

Canberra is a destination that has always been close to my heart. Many people diss the “boring” capital, complaining it’s way too quiet and there is nothing to do. Pfft! That’s crazy talk…there is so much to do and the quietness is to be embraced. The pace of life is slower than our major cities but in this day and age, I find the respite so refreshing.

I was there to celebrate the birthday of an old friend (not in age, but ‘old’ in friendship) and we went to a fun gastro-pub called Debacle in the suburb of Braddon.

The food was great, I had a meaty pizza and fresh rocket salad, but the notable dish of the night was their take on a simple margherita pizza.

The pictures tell the story. A ridiculous amount of tomato, piles and piles, to the point where it really was amusing! Do you want some pizza with your tomatoes???

Debacle tomato pizza


One Response to “The most ridiculous pizza ever”

  1. Linda Uzubalis April 19, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    Oh Steph hahahahahahaha… it wasn’t even very tasty. The chips were good though 😉

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