Best Sandwich in Recent History

11 Nov

This sandwich was truly awesome. I stopped into Babka on Brunswick Street for a coffee with J and decided to take a sneaky look at the lunch menu. This corned beef sandwich totally took my eye, but J declined lunch. It came out and within one bite, I was hooked and shoving it into J’s face to try. Me: “You have to have a bite, thisth isth the mosth amazing thsandwich ever”. Babka baked multigrain bread with herb mayonnaise, generous layer of corned beef, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and, the clincher, housemade pickle. At $12.50, it’s money very well spent.

And for the record, on the way out the door, J did decide to choose something for himself and picked up an almond croissant with which we repeated this same sharing ritual down Brunswick St. Me: “no I won’t have any.” J: “are you sure, it’s amazing”, Me: “ok just a bite”, “hang on give me half.”


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