Tokuya for you

26 Oct

The luxury of wandering around the city on a Monday afternoon led me to discover the underground cheapy haven of Tokuya. In a dingy basement on Bourke St, Tokuya is the Japanese equivalent of Go Lo – lots of plastic containers, cute stationery, cheap fake eyelashes and strangely…a whole bike section.

Even though I had no immediate plastic container needs, I found myself visualising my work lunches all neatly stacked in the freezer in matchy matchy containers, or my makeup all living harmoniously together in a perfect hot pink little basket…so I had to remove myself from the container aisle. Many of the items I had to pick up and try and decipher their purpose from the ambiguously unhelpful illustrations on each pack.

But I made it through every aisle and walked away with a bell for my bike for $2.50, a grey t-shirt for exercising for the one day special price of $3.50 and a hot pink skipping rope for $2.50.

Take a look at Tokuya, they have everything you didn’t know you needed!



One Response to “Tokuya for you”

  1. Chels October 27, 2010 at 9:00 am #

    Love your skipping rope!!

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