Ethical consumption and sustainable design

13 Oct

Paris Vélib bicycle rental system. Picture by austineven.

I’m in research mode for a piece about ethical consumption. It’s an exciting area and I am really enjoying the material I am coming across. I spotted an interesting article by RMIT Centre for Design research fellow, Simon Lockrey on the Sustainable Melbourne site. If you get a spare 10 minutes, I suggest you take a read, a must if you are involved in product design.

Simon says (haha!)…

“People are not going to stop consuming any time soon; however behavior will eventually need to shift if society is serious about being truly sustainable. In the interim, analyse the bigger picture, both as a designer and a consumer. So often designers get caught up in the details, but now stepping back and taking a life cycle and whole systems approach facilitates a future in delivering functional ‘paradigm shift’ benefits for a product, service, client, and the environment. Ecological parameters are ‘locked in’ at the design stage, so designers can reduce impacts through materials, efficiency, or in some cases the grander scenario of changing consumer behavior. Designing for low consumption, without increasing price or reducing quality is achievable, and presents a powerful and bright design landscape. To achieve this, designers will have to draw upon their ability to combine technical skills in research, conceptualization, prototyping, and testing, with their greatest weapon, their creativity, because that’s what they have done, and will always do best.”

I like the idea of trying to make a paradigm shift. It only takes one passionate person to start the change…


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