Lovely graffiti

12 Oct

Today I went on a walk around the streets and laneways of Melbourne’s CBD on a mini research tour, looking at signage. While I won’t bore you with the signs I took pics of, I wanted to share two pieces of graffiti I saw.

The first is the simplest tag I have ever seen. Plain Jane. That’s it. No exciting name, no spiffy looking tag, just Jane.

The second is a reminder to take time out every now and then and just breathe (although the spelling is ‘breath’). After spending a weekend in Tasmania doing just that, taking big deep breaths, it struck a chord with me. I see that the handwriting changes as it goes on, I can’t work out if this means the writer was breathing in something detrimental? I’m choosing to think it was more positive.

And this was just one quirky door at the back of the old Le Louvre. I love Melbourne. xx



One Response to “Lovely graffiti”

  1. jenny williams October 13, 2010 at 4:43 pm #

    great photo steph!

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