5 Minutes with…Teresa Liano

28 Sep

I had a chat today with the lovely Teresa Liano, the beauty and the brains behind TL Wood. Her gorgeous SS10 collection of feminine luxury is bound to be a part of my summer wardrobe!

What was the inspiration behind your SS10 collection? I hear it is very feminine and featuring luxurious prints and beading. How would you describe the look of the collection this season? I really wanted the Collection to be wearable.  To design useful pieces in stunning and luxurious fabrics, for example a cute t-shirt in a gorgeous silk and cotton.  I want that feeling of quality and amazing cut. I think you will always feel beautiful and if the fabrics feel great.  The look of the season is soft and muted tones layers and textures and beautifully tailored jackets.

The SS10 collection is heavy on the finer details. Was this collection a particularly challenging one to produce because of the attention to detail required? It comes easily to add the detail.  We agonise over the cuts so that seams and drape create the detail.  We love buttons and trims and always think about the clothes in a textural way.Your store Chapel St store in Melbourne is always on my hit list.

Do you have any plans to expand to other cities or areas? We would love to expand.  This will happen over time. At the moment we are expanding our wholesale clients just so different states can discover us in their favourite boutique.

Fashion is in your family. Was becoming a fashion designer a considered thing or did it evolve over time? I do come from a family that is obsessed with fashion.  My Mum had shops in Brighton when I was growing up.

Did your career in fashion evolve or something more considered? It definitely evolved, there was a time when I was deciding what I would do when I grew up, I was around 25.  I thought I wanted to do something different and I realised it was very natural for me to do fashion because I thought about it all the time and was obsessed with silhouettes. It always came back to fashion – I am inspired by it on all levels art, music etc.

Outside fashion and design, what do you enjoy doing?
I love art.  I get so much out of looking at art.  I love it.  I love to see different artists art evolve and love to discover new talent.

What is your favourite local haunt? Cafe? Restaurant? Stores? I don’t really have a regular haunt.  I feel like Melbourne is constantly changing and there is so much new to discover.  I move around a lot.  Favourite shops; Christine and Shag. I  like Angelucci’s too.

What was your last exciting purchase?
I don’t buy a lot but Wolford tights and my Anya Hindmarch clutch bag.

For a fashion fix or a spot of inspiration, where do you turn?
I walk the streets, sit outside cafes and people watch, which is always inspiring. I look at a variety of things online where one site leads to another.

Visit TL Wood at 216 Chapel St, Melbourne or at http://www.tlwoodaustralia.com


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