And the stylish winner is….

15 Sep

…Chelsea Doncon from Melbourne!

The Airloom was inundated with entries for the Australian College of Professional Styling competition and it was so hard to choose that I actually had to get some friends to help me decide. There are so many talented creative people out there, all just waiting for their opportunity to take a chance on a new career. All I can say is that, even though you may not have been successful in this competition, you should do whatever it takes to follow your creative dream. Don’t let a course hold you back!

Chelsea’s entry pulled at my heartstrings. Like me, she has worked the corporate life and decided that there must be something more out there. She told me she has been doing small courses in millinery to build her skills but wants to use this styling course to gain extra business and presentation skills to start making money from her skill.

Chelsea says, I am currently in the fledgling stages of starting to design my own headpieces (fascinators, hats etc). I know one day soon I will need to display and photograph these in a manner that attracts people to purchase my designs and also reflects my style. Obviously it would be about the entire outfit not just the headpiece. Any extra knowledge or skills that I can gain to assist me with this would be a great help.

I have since seen pictures of her headpieces and they are stunning. Stay tuned for more information about Chelsea’s journey through the course. And I am sure she will take orders for Spring Racing if you would like to get something a little bit different than the pack!

For more information about the course visit


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