What are you doing?

18 Aug

I came across two really interesting initiatives today that I felt the need to share with you. Two causes that are close to my heart are helping the homeless and helping children, today’s post shines a light on both of them.

The first comes from STREAT, an initiative in Melbourne piloting using hawker style food vendors on the streets to sell ethical food and provide opportunities for homeless and disadvantaged youth. You had me at hello! Anyway, STREAT have a blog and on there today is this great article about how you can effect change in small ways by making alterations in your consumption habits. Have a read.

My second discovery of the day is another initiative, this time from Sydney, to help people in the third world. Worldly Soles was born in 2009 as a response to the fact over 300 million children in the world have NEVER owned a pair of shoes. NEVER.

Their website says, “When we realised in 2009 that a pair of shoes could mean the world to a person in a poor country, we felt a responsibility to take action. A pair of shoes can help someone to find work and give them confidence to take a new “step” in life. 300 million children around the world have never owned a pair of shoes and many suffer foot injuries daily as a result (ie. Children searching for goods in garbage tips to make a living).”

“More than 50 colleges around NSW became collection points and media coverage across the state helped spread the campaign to the wider community. Today many Childcare centres, Sporting clubs, companies and community groups participate with additional collection points.”. (www.worldlysoles.org)

To find your nearest collection point visit Worldly Soles. Please.


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