Yarraville Farmers Market

24 Jul

Held on the fourth Saturday of each month, the Yarraville Farmers Market is a relaxed way to support the producers direct and get some beautiful, fresh produce. And it seems a pet dog is a pre-requisite with an impromptu little dog meet happening in the gardens.

A and I met up at Yarraville and started the session with a coffee. After our little catch up chat we started with the honey stall. The 2 Bees collect honey from hives set up in the backyards of friends around Melbourne and in areas such as banksia forests to produce the banksia honey. A personal favourite of mine is creamed honey ($5.50), borne from my grandfather’s love affair with creamed honey on toast. I remember at a young age wondering what the hell the funny stuff he was spreading actually was. Looking a bit like peanut butter I decided to smash a tablespoon on it. Pow! It certainly wasn’t peanut butter, but coincidentally, goes beautifully with it.

The result of crystallisation, not whipping, creamed honey has a mild flavour and is spreadable at room temperature. For the record it is delicious (and addictive) on buttery crumpets with a cup of English Breakfast tea. 

Next stop was to see Golda from Unique Pasta. Lured in by warm arancini balls on tasting, I was impressed by the range of interesting, modern Italian favourites, like duck and porcini mushroom ravioli and sweet potato and leek cannelloni. But I decided I couldn’t leave the Seafood agnoloni there. 30 perfect pockets of rockling, prawn, ricotta and ginger for $30. While Golda suggested I dress them with a dill pesto sauce, I can’t wait to try them in a simple lemon butter sauce. 

Other stand outs at the market were the free range eggs ($7 for 800gm) and bread and pastries from Knead. I didn’t try them, but you can also buy fresh lamb, beef and chicken, bratwurst and salamis, cakes, sweet treats, chillis and jams, handmade soap and fruit and veg.

Yarraville Farmers Market
Yarraville Gardens, Cnr Somerville Rd and Hyde St
4th Saturday of the month.


2 Responses to “Yarraville Farmers Market”

  1. mike July 25, 2010 at 11:01 am #

    the bread at Knead is delicious – particularly the olive baguette. stocks run out early but if you ask nicely they’ll keep some aside for you!

    • The Airloom July 25, 2010 at 6:42 pm #

      The olive baguette sounds delicious. Thanks for the tip Mike.

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