The Airloom: Cumulus Inc

5 Jul

I decided that the pay off for popping in to check up on an exhibition I am helping to plan on a Monday morning was to reward my efforts with a lovely sit down coffee somewhere in the city. I have a takeaway coffee most days and as I wait for my cappucino I always wistfully look at the cafe goers who have the luxury of time to sit and enjoy their coffee.

This morning it was my turn and I decided to head to Cumulus Inc. It’s strange but I have been to Cumulus at every time of day except for dinner, the meal they are known for. Weird. Anyway, they must have seen me coming and quickly arranged the most beautiful display of cakes in the doorway so I could not walk past without at least asking what kind of friands they were hawking. 

One order of a latte and a piece of gingerbread cake later, I was seated in full view of the open kitchen. I love open kitchens – a view into what it means to be a chef, the hard work, the prep and what, to me, seems like a well choreographed dance to move around each other without crashing. I was pleasantly surprised to see Andrew McConnell prepping in the corner. Ok, so he probably wasn’t prepping per se, but he was there. I like that. 

My gingerbread cake was moist and spongy and totally hit the spot. My latte was nice enough, creamy, good strength but off the boil. Am I the only person that is a bit sick of warm milk coffees? I get the theory behind it, but come on, warm milk is only helpful at bedtime with honey. 

The dining room was buzzing at 11am, a very male crowd, heavy on the meetings. But the music being played was a wistful mix and inspired me to sit there longer and plan my next article. After my coffee and cake I slipped next door to Craft Victoria to take a peek at the gift shop and their two exhibitions Owen Rye: Golden Ashes and Carved Out of Life. What a lovely morning!

Cumulus Inc
45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
P: 9650 1445

Craft Victoria
31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
P: 9650 7775



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