The Airloom: Breakfast at Eurodore

24 May

The Airloom @ Eurodore

Today I had the pleasure of starting the working week with a brisk walk along the waterfront followed by a hearty breakfast at Eurodore on Bay St, Port Melbourne. My breakfast buddy, S, and I fronted up starving as hell, so he ordered the corn fritters and I took a chance on the simplicity of scrambled eggs on toast. I must admit, I think I make a fairly mean scrambled egg, having learnt the ‘Matt Preston’ way a few years back of nurturing the eggs on a low and slow heat with nothing added except a sprinkle of salt. Because I love my own eggs so much, I tend not to order them out. But Eurodore delivered.

My white sourdough came heavily buttered (naughtiness!!) and topped with a steaming pile of glossy scrambled eggs. Using Green Eggs, sustainably farmed eggs from Great Western, they were creamy and absolutely delicious with the right amount of salt. My buddy’s corn fritters were very good too and topped with a really delicious tomato relish that I later discovered can be purchased in the deli section of Eurodore. 

Eurodore has a deli section with some interesting specialty products like buffalo milk butter churned in Italy, Setaro pasta, Gepetto Vincotto made by Crittenden Wines on the Mornington Peninsula and Chapman Hill olive oil. 

Eurodore, 271 Bay St, Port Melbourne. 



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