Getting Nerdy at the Library

17 May


The Airloom @ The Library

Being uninspired as a writer is a serious barrier to getting any work done. Today ‘uninspiration’ happened to me, so I took a quick sojourn to my local library in an attempt to resuscitate my writing. Expecting something akin to an episode of The Librarians, I rapidly learnt that the library had changed – you can now rent DVD’s and CD’s, read a plethora of magazines and even borrow a book or two (actually 50!).

Given my obsession with food, I spent a good hour in the cookbook section, half of that with Julia Childs alone, then realised it wasn’t like Borders and I could actually take the books with me! For free! So over the next few weeks, prepare yourself for a few book reviews and new-found food knowledge.

To find your local library visit


One Response to “Getting Nerdy at the Library”

  1. Chels May 17, 2010 at 6:07 pm #

    How about a dinner invitation 😉 I’ll happily be a test subject.

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