The Airloom: Supermarket Sarah

1 Apr

Supermarket Sarah

Sarah fixing a wall. From


I am in love with this site…Supermarket Sarah. A wall in Sarah’s home is regularly updated with new loot  scored in car boot sales, op shops and around the traps in London to create an amazing combination of retail and installation art. Click on the item to find out more and buy. Love it! 

And now this! Sarah is having a supermarket wall in Selfridges…so exciting, 

“I have some exciting news! Supermarket Sarah will be having a pop-up supermarket wall in Selfridges Concept store, London from April 7th-28th. It’s set to look super. I will be rolling out new one-of-a kind pieces each day, including some special pieces donated by celebrities. I’ll be blogging on about all my new finds. The theme changes each week starting with “Royale with Cheese”, Hoarders Delight and the Grand Finale of “Clash Mash”.”

For more information or to follow Sarah’s shopping adventures check out her Blog. Also check out her cute mismatching trainers.


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