Herald Sun: Travellers Giving Back on the Road

24 Oct
The view from the Six Foot Track in NSW's Blue Mountains, by James Marten-Coney.

The view from the Six Foot Track in NSW’s Blue Mountains, by James Marten-Coney.

When you travel it’s an amazing opportunity to give back to the community you travel through. There are so many ways to do this so I wrote this piece for the Herald Sun travel section to explore a few of them. Photo by my favourite photographer and travel buddy James Marten-Coney.

Travel Ideas: Drop me off in New Orleans

10 Sep

HG_FC_Cover LR copy

New Orleans dragged me in and kept me under her spell for four days. The music was incredible, the food so enjoyable, the hurricane cocktails addictive and of course the people were so interesting and full of magic. I had the pleasure of reliving my Nawlins’ visit recently for Flight Centre’s brand new Travel Ideas magazine, and you can check out the story here, the whole mag here, or grab a printed copy in any store.

Sky Business: Live spot on Business Class

18 Jul

This week I did a live spot on the Sky Business channel during a program called Business Class. I was talking about a piece I wrote for OUTthere magazine about Cool Winter Hotspots. I’m obviously no TV professional, but it was fun challenging myself to broadcast a travel story in a different way. Excuse the lo-fi approach of filming the TV!

Alnwick Castle and Garden, Northumberland

26 Jun

The Grand Cascade at the entrance to the gardens.

I’ll be honest, I’m not that into gardens. I think they’re beautiful and take such great skill and vision, but I personally love spending time in the wild and less manicured landscapes. Yet I was proved wrong at Alnwick Garden, set alongside the grounds of Alnwick Castle with it’s carefully plotted landscape – it’s more of an artistic statement than a garden.

Here’s a little bit of context for you. The gardens and castle are in Alnwick, Northumberland, in the north of England getting close to the border with Scotland. The castle has had it’s fair share of “visitors” in it’s position as one of the first points the Scots tried to conquer over the years. The Percy family bought the rights (or the barony in the old) to the castle in 1309 and have kept ownership ever since. A bit of gossip for you, George Percy, heir to the castle was rumoured to be dating Pippa Middleton a while back, which proved unfounded but would have made for a great story if true!!

You might have seen the castle in a little film called Harry Potter. It’s used for exterior and interior shots as Hogwarts and yes, there are kids running round the grounds to this day, dressed as Harry and Hermoine.


Alnwick Castle, home of Hogwarts.


These little guys are in a fairly good pasture!

The lady of the house, the Duchess of Northumberland, Isobel Percy has developed Alnwick Gardens into the incredible drawcard for the region that it is today.  While she has stepped down from her role as head of the gardens, they are just as beautiful today. Originally designed by Jacques and Peter Wirtz, internationally renowned garden designers, the gardens are a must visit in the region.

The Wirtz signature style features an architectural green structure – at Alnwick this means hornbeam-covered pergolas, yew topiary, box and beech hedges. The landscape is eclectic, from the gentle waves of colour and scent in the Rose Garden to the over the top water displays of the Grand Cascade.


The detail in the William Pye designed water feature.

The water sculptures have been created by William Pye, one of the world’s leading water sculptors, who brings art and science together in his work. Each one is made from mirror-polished stainless steel.


Getting inside the water sculptures of the Serpent Garden.


The beautiful Grand Cascade close up.


The long arches are signature to the Wirtz style.


Who let the goose into the garden?

After wandering the gardens it was time for lunch at the incredible Treehouse Restaurant in the grounds. It’s high up in the treetops, with a roaring log fire in the centre of the room and trees growing through the floor. Most importantly, the locally-inspired food is delicious and mainly sourced from Northumberland. I had the lamb rump, a melt in your mouth hunk of lamb.


The unique Treehouse Restaurant.


Lamb rump with sweet potato mash at Treehouse Restaurant.

I travelled to Alnwick Castle and Gardens with Trafalgar, who offer a number of itineraries taking in this part of England. Check out the Trafalgar website for more guided holiday info.

From where I’d rather be: Les Chalet des Fermes de Marie

25 Jun

Les Chalet des Fermes de Marie

It’s cold where I am right now so it might seem crazy wanting to be somewhere even colder, but Les Chalet des Fermes de Marie in Megève, France, knows how to do cold. Imagine sitting by this fire all day, reading, sipping, napping, only to be broken by a few little ski runs to get the blood pumping. Now that’s my perfect winter day.

OUTthere Magazine: Cool Winter Hotspots

3 Jun

OUTthere Winter Story layout front page

If you’re flying with Rex (and their affiliates) this month keep an eye out for my piece about Cool Winter Hotspots in Australia. You can read the whole thing here. With winter increasingly looking like a thing of the past for large parts of Australia, get in while you still can – skiing, rugging up in your winter coat and enjoying some fine reds by a crackling fire down south.

The Long Lunch at Deja Vu, Airlie Beach

30 May
Deja Vu infinity pool

The blissful infinity pool at Deja Vu in Airlie Beach.

I recently travelled to Queensland to check out the multi-million dollar facelift that Airlie Beach had recently undergone. I was up there just before the work started so it was great to be able to do a ‘compare and contrast’ exercise to see how far  it had come. In the past you’d be forgiven for thinking Airlie Beach was backpackers haven and all others should give it a wide berth. Now, it’s a whole different story. In the couple of years since my last visit I was really pleased to see some fabulous cafes and restaurants as well as great accommodation options.

We’d heard about Deja Vu Restaurant and their locally famous Sunday Long Lunch, so after a beautiful facial at Airlie Day Spa, we sat down to the 8-course degustation lunch around the gorgeous infinity pool, with a delicious mojito to start.

Sweet and tart mojito

Sweet and tart mojito

Over the course of about two hours, our table of four was treated to eight fabulous (and very generous) courses of share plates from the husband and wife, chef and front of house team. On a Sunday afternoon the place is packed so it’s a good idea to make a reservation. Ask for poolside seats to really take advantage of the tucked away location, with a view that gives a completely different perspective over Airlie Beach. You’ll definitely want to dip your toes in the pool so wear shoes you can kick off under the table, even take your swimmers! Some diners have been known to end up in the pool after lunch (and a few chilled sauv b’s no doubt!).

First course was a generous antipasto platter.

First course was a generous antipasto platter.

The salt and pepper calamari was tender and the batter crunchy.

The salt and pepper calamari was tender and the batter crunchy.

Slow cooked lamb shoulder. Dish of the day!

Slow cooked lamb shoulder. Dish of the day!

The dish of the day award goes to the Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder. It had beautifully charred bits and perfectly tender, melt in your mouth, textbook lamb shoulder, served on vinegar rice with snow peas. The vinegar rice really lightened the dish up, bringing it back to being a light, summery take on slow cooked lamb.

I didn’t get pics, but we also enjoyed a lovely salad, chicken pizza and mussels in a thai broth. All delicious. You can check out the current long lunch menu here.

But you know what the best part was….the 8-course menu is $44.50pp! This really is a steal and the perfect place for a long, lazy lunch. Next time you’re in Airlie Beach, make this your go to for a Sunday afternoon.

I travelled as a guest of Whitsundays Marketing and Development Limited.




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